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Evergrande plan in the next decade 100 five-star hotels throughout the country

Date: 2014-12-08

Evergrande real estate plan in the next ten years, the national open 100 five-star hotels, aims to create high-end hotel chain brand.
, evergrande group vice President jian-jun peng at wuhan hotel opening ceremony on September 28, said that to enter the tourism hotel industry is an important step of group diversification strategy, in recent years, group is gearing up in terms of tourism complex, for transfers-will, and early in 2007, established the constant hotel group.
Its said that constant general over the next ten years in the national start 100 five-star hotels, occupying most of the national one, two, three line city, create high-end hotel chain brand, the group in south China, west China, north China region has more than a five-star hotel.
Evergrande group, according to official data constant hotel group opened several five-star hotels, including guangzhou hotel, hotel chongqing constant (evergrande century tourism city), qingyuan constant hotel (evergrande century tourism city), guangzhou zengcheng constant hotel, tianjin heng hotel (such as evergrande century tourism city).
In addition, there are chengdu prevailed in constant hotel (evergrande century tourism city), chengdu evergrande JTG lake hotel, Shanghai qidong constant hotel, tianjin toray evergrande, wuhan hotel (evergrande century tourism city), nanjing constant hotel (such as evergrande century tourism city) project will be opened.
At the same time, evergrande said, will be in Shanghai, tianjin, nanjing, Tibet and so on more than 20 business and tourist city in China the construction of the landmark five-star business hotel in the city center or tourist complex.