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Maxim solo concert in December 2014 on site

Date: 2014-11-20

In early August this year, maxim inCroatiahas held two summer concert ten thousand people, for the 2014 world tour.On December 5, maxim solo concert will land onsun yat-sen memorial hall.
Maxim to China'sperformance was the sixth year, his first in the form of a personal soloconcerts, with individual band's visit to China forthe first time last year,twice in guangzhou last August and December theatre, attendance is as high asninety percent above.Thisyear in order to meet the more the audience can appreciate the maxim of liveperformance, sun yat-sen memorial hall, the venue chosen has more than 3000seats.
It is understood thatthe sun yat-sen memorial hall, to the performance in addition to still maintainthe original lineup, also added a dance artist.Inaddition, the organizers for the China tour, also specially made new ideas onthe repertoire choreography.