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Guangzhou lottery November push three waves promotional activities

Date: 2014-10-24

Information times dispatch (reporter Chen Xuegang correspondent ear f) in order to cooperate with double ball $300 million prize, the welfare lottery center in guangzhou since November will launch "lottery welcome send wedding gifts" three wave promotion feedback punters.
The first wave of
Scratch music award prize on apple
From November 1 to December 31, in guangzhou to buy scratch lottery single winning 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan (not including), can add award iPadMini tablet 1, totally out of 50 units, stocks last.Single winning the lottery (including) and above 10000 yuan, and award the iphone mobile phone 1, totally out of 20 units, stocks last.
The second wave of
Lottery love a good "to"
From November 1, for every purchase lottery "very happy" leaflet lottery anyone with consumption amounting to 360 yuan and 2014 will be presented to the information times, the new express, or the southern metropolis daily a (delivery range for guangzhou only), each "very happy" shops in the city there are two places, stocks last.
The third wave
Addition to send the New Year
From December 1, lottery sales outlets in guangzhou purchase lottery punters can be given is 1 package, stocks last.Buy lottery tickets up to RMB 100, entitled to have 1 calendar 2014, stocks last.