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Guangzhou homestead grant freeze or return to stable

Date: 2013-08-30

Entered in August, has entered a new phase of land transfer period. Luogang three plots also appeared, although this is the first time this year launched Luogang pure residential land, but the result is contrary to popular belief, three plots are unexpectedly cold opening price. This is since July, the land market in Guangzhou again being cold. With the first half compared to the fiery atmosphere of the land auction, since the second half there was no land too bright, somewhat lower market heat. There are institutional analysis that cold homestead land market turnover decreased heat associated with the developer funding chain security, housing prices get compared to before there has been cautious.

Luogang purely accidental freeze homestead

August 7, Guangzhou usher in August for the first time to push land. The land is considered to be a bright spot in the second half than in the first, because this is the first time this year launched Luogang pure homestead. As this year's primary residential market, one of the regions most fiery, Luogang land naturally attracted the attention of many people in the industry. In fact, the sale of land plots focus on the launch of the three positions are quite satisfactory. Are located in the Science City section, divided into two commercial land and a residential use. Although the area are not large, but the starting price is low, and the current property market is already over a million Luogang average, this pieces of land for many developers are quite attractive. However, the final outcome was a bit beyond people's expectation. Three residential land developer ultimately only one offer, are based on low-cost transactions, land total 2 billion yuan. Especially homestead grant reserve price war with scenes of looting in previous years Luogang great gap compared.

According to the Guangzhou City Land Bureau public information disclosure, in which three land which is located south of Luogang Hornsey Road, opened dill Avenue west LGPQ-A1-4 Lot Land area of 29,700 square meters, floor area ratio 2.98, transfer starting price of 461 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 5,220 yuan / square meter. This is a second-class residential land, but also the launch of this year Luogang first case of pure living space. Given Luogang hot property market in the first half, there have been a lot of media have predicted the land or become Luogang new king. The result is that the plot by the Guangzhou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Luoao competing reserve price.

Land market began to cool

August's first push to end up with dull, continue to follow the land since July cooling market. After 5,6 months of the land boom, the July heat, Guangzhou City, the land market has dropped slightly. According to statistics, the entire July, Guangzhou, business services, and commercial and residential land transfer 12 total, to sell a total area of 318,300 square meters of land, a decline of 47.69%, total amount of 6.157 billion yuan transfer.

According to the latitude and longitude lines provide monitoring data show that in July auction 12 plots mostly residential land plots in the highest turnover rate of 96.38 percent premium, but one of the opening price of the plots also abound. According to statistics, in July are pushing for residential plots mostly located in Huadu, Haizhu, Tianhe, and Zengcheng, these plots are basically at the opening price. The land is a premium commercial plots, which are located in Liwan and Luogang.

Huadu District July successful transfer 3 homestead, all premium transactions, the highest premium of 45.55%, which is the promotion Huadu land after the first show. Among them, the Xinhua nine Tancun J11-SJ05 land, residential land, nature, to 478 million yuan turnover, equivalent to the floor price 4549 yuan / square meter, and shall be allocated to build 400 square meters of affordable housing, creating new high Huadu land and become Huadu new term "Lord"; due advantageous location, plots received before the shooting, six buyers bidding, including Vanke, Poly Real Estate, green spaces and other brand developers, after several rounds of bidding at the scene until the maximum limit price, and with the construction of affordable housing into the bidding stage, and ultimately by Poly Real Estate competing.

On the same day, Liwan District, west of the Pearl River Tunnel plots, commercial and financial sites, to 603 million yuan turnover, equivalent floor price of 19,638 yuan / square meter, premium 96.38%, and ultimately by Vanke competing, refresh Liwan premium, exceeds the 2010 Canton South Station 17,276 yuan / square meter, Liwan become new "sites"; Fangcun plate in the land, belonging to the White Swan Pond planned commercial core area of business, location, and there is a scarce resource Riverview Metro Line 1 and convenient transportation support, unlimited potential for future appreciation. In addition, Haizhu, Tianhe four homestead transaction accidental cold, are opening price.

Developers get started with caution

For July land market freeze, Jingwei research center that line, which are pushing for land-related, but many developers out of the capital chain considerations, to take place there has been cautious compared to the first half. Reporters found that in July are pushing homestead which, in addition, Tianhe District Cencun stove mountains south block, the remaining three places are in the city center location, convenient transportation, nearby commercial facilities mature, but also suffer from cold.

"In July, Haizhu, Tianhe four homestead opening price, a very important reason is that these plots have a historical problem, developers need to take place after consultation with the original land units, which leads to loss of land grab interest in housing prices . "Jingwei Line Research Center pointed out that, more importantly, despite the primary market transactions during the first half of this year, more prosperous, but mid-year bank liquidity pressures began to appear, loans for the real estate industry in the" money shortage "incident but did not appeared relaxed, but somewhat tight. Reporters found that, beginning from the second half of July, the primary residential market began to shrink. According to real estate data center statistics show that in July a total of ten districts in Guangzhou and Shenzhen net turnover of 6276 sets of primary residential sign, down 13.6% year on year drop of 16.5%. The decline in volume as well as "money shortage" effect, "which allows developers to consider funding chain occurs, get to somewhat cautious compared to before."

August is still the season for the land

July and August did not affect the devaluation of the dull month push to the initiative. It is understood that on August 10th district two City will have 17 plots put on the market, including commercial take 7, residential land 10, the total for the land area of 474,700 square meters, starting a total amount of nearly 9.449 billion yuan. Reporters found that in August the listed plots are very desirable location, mainly in the International Financial City, Conghua and Zengcheng, Panyu Chinese Village and Huambo district.

Conghua August has four residential nature of land supply and land grant conditions stipulated in small and medium size commercial housing land supply of land for housing construction, not less than 70% of total. This is the year of Conghua first introduced residential use. The Panyu Han River will also be launched in August two homestead. Since 2012 this is the first time in the region since the launch of residential plots. It is understood that the land is located in Panyu City tour, along the Han River Avenue and has 3 metro station queue before the Han River, the traffic is very convenient. In addition, Weber Panyu district also launched three plots, this land belongs to commercial plots, appeared in May of the land transfer listed aborted, the current re-listing, plots of all the conditions the same, but the starting price was almost doubled, from 602.97 million yuan raised to 1,205,940,000 yuan, assign the reserve price 12,000 yuan / square meter, almost equal to the Panyu "Lord" price, is expected to become the new term "Lord."

In addition, Luogang, Zengcheng continue to push to pace last month, next month will launch three places, including Zengcheng all for residential plots, Luogang have two and a residential commercial land plots.