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Guangzhou promote 'civilized tourism

Date: 2013-07-22

TOURISM: eight conventions advocate a civilized tourism

Recently, the National Tourism Administration issued "Chinese citizens domestic tourism conventions of civilized behavior", the Convention does not advocate tourist monuments carved painted, do not climb touch artifacts, photo camera compliance.Reporters found that the Convention published in the National Tourism Administration official website home page prominently, but published for the October 2, 2006.Nearly seven years later, the National Tourism Administration reiterated this convention, apparently in order to promote cultural tourism tourists.There are eight of the Convention, namely maintenance of environmental sanitation, observe public order and protect the ecological environment, heritage conservation, public facilities cherish and respect the rights of others, pay attention to courtesy, to promote healthy entertainment.Which clearly does not stampede greenery, flowers and fruits do not pick off, do not chase to catch, throw hit, chaotic feed the animals, and not painted carved monuments, not climbing touch artifacts, photo camera compliance.

Meanwhile, the National Tourism Administration has once again announced the "Chinese citizens going abroad (border) Travel Guide civilized behavior" guide presents visitors should dress appropriately, not noisy, queuing orderly, not the yellow lines.In addition, this year on October 1 officially implemented the "People's Republic of Tourism Law" is also clear that the tourists in the tourism activities shall comply with the social order and public morality, respect local customs, cultural traditions and religious beliefs, love tourism resources, protecting the environment, comply with norms of civilized behavior tourism.

Guangzhou Tourism Bureau: Printed postcards to remind visitors

Guangzhou Tourism Bureau recently said that the current council has begun to travel through a variety of ways to do publicity work of civilization, such as using postcards to remind the traveling public attention during civility.Tourism Bureau and the Guangzhou Travel Industry Association have jointly produced a variety of tourist picture postcard, which contains the "Chinese citizens going abroad (border) Travel Guide civilized behavior" and "Chinese citizens domestic tourism conventions of civilized behavior," the contents of these postcards freesent to major travel agencies, through travel agencies give each abroad (border) tourism and tourists to the mainland.

In addition, the Tourism Bureau also launched civilized travel tourists travel to do publicity work, including printing civilized tourism related promotional items, shops and other services in the travel window prominently placed, make full use of travel sites, bulletin boards, visitor centers, electronic display,video player and other propaganda facilities to the form of illustrations propaganda "Chinese citizens going abroad (border) Travel Guide civilized behavior", "Chinese citizens domestic tourism conventions of civilized behavior" and so on.

"Tourism civilized travel not only just a reminder to visitors of the organization also has certain requirements." Guangzhou Tourism Bureau official said that they ask travel agents to take advantage of group travel prior briefing session, indicating a tourist destination customs, etiquettenorms, taboos and civilized nation tour during precautions.The Tourism Bureau will travel agency can do publicity, guiding tourists civilized travel, but also as an important condition for selection of one faith tour.

Travel: lent line description will boot

"At present there is indeed a part of the words and deeds of individual tourists less attention, there is some impact on the image of the Chinese people good habits." Back home Marketing Center General Manager Wen said before, the uneven quality culture for tourists, as travel agencies, should take the lead advocate a civilizedTravel.For example, in travel briefings, to introduce visitors to tourist destinations related customs, civilization and travel requirements and relevant laws and regulations to comply travel guide visitors civilized behavior, and secondly, in the process of strengthening the tourists traveling to convey the concept of civilized travel, repeated reminders, persuasiontourists, as far as possible to avoid the tourists due to cultural differences to problems of folk uncivilized travel behavior.

South Lake CITS planning to promote Western holidays Su Feng, deputy director, said travel agents and guests present before a group contract will also involve some travel tips to civilization, such as tourists' destination in advance to inform the customs, customs, andremind visitors to respect local customs, refused uncivilized behavior; tour will also tour several times and tourists emphasize some details; hopes hotels, attractions also an up publicity and guide visitors civilized travel.

Expert: Visitors should sign before "civilized Convention"

Guangdong Institute of Tourism Policy Research Center, deputy director, senior tourism people Shilao Yi Bo that reported evidence of uncivilized behavior is more difficult to operate, unless such acts being taken to process visitors and tour guides will certainly not go to suchdo it.He suggested that the National Tourism Bureau and the relevant regulatory authorities should introduce a policy on some poor uncivilized behavior, such as outside on the destruction of cultural heritage, or to the behavior of the class fights abroad, will be included in responsible travel blacklist.Then the responsible person's name and personal information communicated to the local provincial tourism sector, limiting their conduct outside endorsements, as a punishment, and this person should also be made responsible for the acts of their own.In addition, he also suggested that the troupe travel briefings should not be represented in the form of the family to carry out, but should allow each of the group have signed a civilization before traveling convention, so that each visitor has learned that if there is some of whatWhat kind of behavior will be punished, so that it can be binding.