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Alibaba the autumn Canton fair move on the Internet

Date: 2012-10-24

23 start, the 112th annual autumn Canton fair will to ceramics, garden, toys give priority to the second phase of the exhibition. Like a raging fire in Canton fair of at the same time, a network virtual Canton fair is also put on.

It is reported that in the Canton fair, alibaba the Canton fair moved to the Internet, innovation make online Canton fair exclusive channel. The channel simulation the exhibition scene reality, according to industry divided into five galleries, selection of the 22 industries, than 120 Canton fair exhibition suppliers. The buyer browse commodity information at the same time, also can check to the supplier in Canton fair booth specific address. "Buyers can through the online trade Canton fair zillah do the first round accurate screening, locking intention client, then arrived at the China export commodities fair site and supplier for business negotiations, this process can greatly improve the procurement efficiency and reduce the cost of purchasing time." Alibaba international business group marketing LuoYun is introduced.

The reporter sees in ali coffee shop service shop, a buyer from Jordan Dr · Nidal mashal is sorrow how so big venues find the large mechanical products. In the understanding to demand after, ali staff quickly online Canton fair zillah positioning to inside the exhibition halls TongJia shandong machinery, and in 30 minutes to help Dr · Nidal find TongJia machinery, the establishment of a preliminary cooperation intention. For online and offline fusion between trade service, Dr · Nidal expressed the high affirmation.

Facts prove that "online Canton fair trade zone service" on September 27 after online by the overseas buyers welcome. Data shows, online trade products detailed page click number is other special page 25 times.

To this, a senior foreign trade personage analysis, in the economic recession of the environment, global buyers obviously more savvy, more and more buyers take "the exhibition match e-commerce" purchase way to improve purchasing efficiency, reduce the purchasing cost.

It is reported, two of the China export commodities fair, alibaba will into a human resources on a large scale to promote publicity and customer service, for suppliers and buyers to provide the most intimate and meticulous service. In addition to online trade Canton fair zillah outside, alibaba is still in the China export commodities fair the four cafes and outside two booth, on-site trade transaction service, by a senior buyer service team according to the buyer's purchase demand on the site supplier selection and matching promotion.