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China's first exhibit' change refraction wto 10 years of the sweets and bitters of life

Date: 2012-06-29

Despite the debt crisis, the RMB exchange rate impact problems such as the Canton fair to the purchaser of the number is still set a new historical record. As a China trade "barometer" and "wind vane", "China's first exhibit", the China export commodities fair in recent years development and change, China's entry into wto also reflects the joys and sorrows of life.

The China export commodities fair three phase stationery exhibition area, merchants attraction exchanges. Buyers from Sweden's pinot? Cocoa firm warmly greeting exhibitors and quanzhou crystal, short chinchin later, he nimble from shelves next a few samples, command close aides take pictures, make notes.

The certificate on don't with chairman MAO badge with sb on it "LaoGuang into" 72 years old this year, from 1966 and the China export commodities fair become attached to so far, he accompany "China's first exhibit" passed 45 years of wind and rain process.

"The first time I came, to be honest, the China export commodities fair there's not much things to buy," cocoa firm smiled and said, "but now, here what kind of goods have. Especially in the past 10 years, change is too big!"

China's foreign trade WangZhiPing, director of the center, said the China export commodities fair history experienced four moved, exhibition area in recent 10 years is fold number growth, at present the third phase of total exhibition area reached 1.16 million square meters, "in the world take the rag off".

In the wto ten years, each session of the China export commodities fair of never to $15 billion by leaps and bounds to nearly $40 billion. In addition to the exhibition scale, clinch a deal the effect of continuous development outside, the China export commodities fair on the growth of the Chinese exhibitors, let buyers impression is profound.

"The Chinese are very clever, too hard!" Cocoa firm praise way, "I find it hard to summarize now Chinese enterprise and the past ten years compared with what has changed, because every half a year they change are big enough to amazing, whether the product quality or design level, so quick to ascend, only Chinese enterprise can only do that."

Wto ten years, in the China export commodities fair big its, gather the is thousands of Chinese foreign trade enterprises and millions of China's "foreign trade". In the wto bring baptism and impact, some enterprises disappeared, some researchers exit; But, more enterprise survive down, and growing, growth. They had experienced "the sweets and bitters of life", is also the Chinese economy in the world economy in the tide of "the sweets and bitters of life".

Shandong weichai import and export co., LTD., general manager WangFengYi is also an old foreign trade, he tells a reporter, it is in after joining the WTO, weichai products have entered the Europe and America, the United States, Australia and other developed countries and regions.

"The past is where poor there is our products, where rich we are very far apart, but in recent years, especially in the last five years, the developed countries of the market is our basic" rush "go in."

WangFengYi tells a reporter, even in the current downturn now under the condition of Europe and America, weichai export business in this year still achieved about 40% growth.

This "sweet", also is the wto ten years China import and export enterprise the most common sense. However, there are a lot of people won't forget global trade market with acid, bitter and hot. Compared with ten years ago, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and anti-evading, industrial damage, 337 survey, 301 report... These have become China's enterprise of familiar term.

Cocoa firm said: "I know Chinese manufacturers facing many challenges, but I never worry they will this be eliminated, they are good at learning, know how to adapt to each market demand.

Architectural pottery is encounter "heavy disaster area" of trade protection. Hongyu ceramic export general manager WuJianFeng said, wto ten years, myself and enterprise "get lost more than".

"The first anti-dumping we will be afraid that engage in a lawsuit is a disgrace. Later, we know that this is a game rules, since want to participate in the international competition, it must understand the rules of it, and then based on this play to one's own advantage. Everyone participate in the competition, to improve their power."

Wto ten years, the China export commodities fair and China foreign trade adjustment variable in a word on the increase reflects to be extremely obvious: from the 101th start, the China export commodities fair by the China export commodities fair was renamed China import and export fair. Increasing the "into" word, "shows that China's accession to the world family, also suggests that we not only is a responsible country, and there is a huge business opportunity of the market, China is willing to let the world share." WangZhiPing said.

In the Canton fair import exhibition area, from 49 countries and regions over 529 companies looking for "China market", there is no lack of among them, such as Microsoft, general of the world top 500 enterprises. In these enterprise view, the Chinese government has continuously expanding import determination is to attract they gathered in this important reason.

The Canton fair opening ceremony the same day, in China's accession to the world trade organization to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the BBS, WTO deputy managing director singh said. "we have a huge common interests, I believe that China in maintain and improve the international trade terms will play a leader role, increasing import, and keep open, create multi-win situation", this words say very reasonable.